A Look At The Vanilla Visa Gift Card From VanillaVisa.com
www.VanillaVisa.com : The gift card offered by VanillaVisa.com is essentially a prepaid card. These cards are available at retailers everywhere, from convenience stores to pharmacies and grocery stores. It is available in values up to $100. This card is activated by the cashier when it is purchased and is then ready to use. Simple, easy, and safer than cash, the Vanilla Visa is functional and fun.

This card has a number of benefits. It is very convenient. Many are afraid to carry cash these days, for fear of losing it or being robbed. This card protects from both of these worries. It offers a zero liability fraud protection guarantee, meaning that if you find fraudulent charges on your card, you will be issued a new card with the same balance that you had before the charges occurred. The same will take place if your card is lost.

It is also incredibly convenient. One can call an 800 number at any time to check the balance of their card. And there are no worries about overspending and being charged overdraft fees because you cannot spend more than the value placed on the card.

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And when can you go wrong with a Visa card? These are virtually accepted everywhere, so you will have a payment option wherever you go within the United States. These cards are not accepted outside the US.

Keep in mind that as with all gift cards, this card cannot be used at ATMs, and one cannot withdraw cash from it in any way. This is a gift card, and the only way to use the money is to spend it, which for most of us, will not represent a difficulty in any way. These cards make a great gift for friends and family. They are a better alternative than the average gift card because they are so well protected by the Zero liability fraud guarantee.
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