Use a Visa Vanilla Gift Card Online

Use a Visa Vanilla Gift Card Online

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is usually a prepaid gift card used to buy items more than the world wide web or at retail shops. The card is accepted at millions of areas across the U.S. plus the District of Columbia where Visa debit cards are accepted. Having said that, the card can not be utilized at shops in other nations or on web-sites of foreign firms. The card might be loaded with credit in denominations of $25, $50 and $100.

Giving the Vanilla Visa gift card is like giving money, considering the fact that the card may be employed for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. The Vanilla Visa cards is offered for purchase within a wide number of retail outlets, which includes, comfort stores and significant retailers.

Step by Step

Step1 To Check the card’s latest balance by logging onto the Vanilla Visa website at and Type in your Vanilla Visa card number, expiration date and “CVV” security number. You can find your CVV number fromĀ  the back of the card see the right-hand side on .

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Step2 Register your card on the internet by visiting the web site listed on the back from the card. For security causes, you’ll need to enter the card’s account number as well as your zip code before it is possible to make on line transactions.

Step3 Select the product you wish to purchase on line and proceed for the merchant’s payment page. Enter the gift card’s one of a kind account number into the relevant payment box and provide extra personal or delivery information as requested.

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